Flexible pricing.

Unique personal workout programme.

Cost-effective and time-effective.
A choice of membership rates.

Once you’ve tried it - you won’t look back! By becoming a Bodystreet member, you get everything you need to chart your progress and get the most from every single workout session.

That includes:

  • A full set of body stats when you start
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Personalised training programme, tailored to your goals
  • Weekly guidance from an expert personal trainer
  • Freshly laundered training suit and towel
  • Glucose tablet
  • Water or coffee

Sessions - starting at just £19.99

EMS training options to suit you

For more information about our training, session fees and other great offers visit one of our studios in your area.

Free expert advice and no obligation training

Call into your nearest Bodystreet studio, for expert advice about EMS training and personalised training programs. Alternatively arrange your training session and get a training voucher here.

*Note: Prices may vary slightly between studios

What is EMS training?

All answers in our FAQ's!