A 20-minute workout is all it takes.

Bodystreet Milton Keynes Station

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The fitness studio that saves you time:
A 20-minute workout is all it takes!

Bodystreet employs a method of training that comes from astronautics and sports medicine - EMS Training, an extremely innovative approach involving muscle stimulation. Studies conducted by the German Sports University of Cologne and Bayreuth University have proven it to be highly effective. Ideal for achieving a great result with little effort!

Now you have a chance to get to know EMS with its most experienced provider, global market leader Bodystreet. At our studios, now numbering more than 300, over 10 million EMS workouts have already been completed!

A huge boost in training efficiency, from which anyone can benefit quickly!
Highly effective, as proven by numerous studies. Clearly noticeable results already after 3 months of training.
Ideal for strengthening your back muscles, losing weight or abs and butt workouts.
More EMS experience than any other provider: over 300 studios, more than 40,000 members, 10 million workout sessions completed!

Bodystreet Milton Keynes Station

554 Elder Gate
MK9 1LR Milton Keynes
Tel.: 1908915600
E-Mail: mkstation@bodystreet.co.uk

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Opening hours

Mo 10 - 20  
Tu 10 - 20  
We 10 - 20  
Th 10 - 20  
Fr 10 - 20  
Sa 8 - 14  

And by arrangement.

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