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From Astronautics and sports medicine comes EMS, one of the most effective trainings in the world:

  • A gain in efficiency training, each of which can benefit!
  • 20 minutes of exercise a week - even with ambitious goals!
Ideal for losing weight. Come for free advice!

Don't waste hours in the gym each week


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Studio Bodystreet Milton Keynes Station

Debbie (59)
Debbie lost 4.5kg (10 lbs) of ONLY FAT in her first month as a member at Bodystreet Milton Keynes! She achieved this by cutting out sugary snacks and drinks, having more water and protein, plus a once-weekly 20-min EMS workout at Bodystreet. We'd like to say it's not rocket science, but actually it is (because EMS training was developed to help astronauts stay fit during weightless space flight)! Debbie (59)
Haider (19)
19 year old Haider lost 1.6 Stone (22.5 LBS / 10.2 kg) in his first 3 months of training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes! Even more impressive is the fact that he's also gained muscle mass during this rapid weight loss period! He did this by cutting out junk food, optimising his hydration & training once every week at Bodystreet. 20 minutes is all it takes! Haider (19)
Kasia (38)
Well done to Kasia on her 5kg (11 LBS) weight loss across the 6 weeks since returning from her summer holidays! Kasia (38)
Rowan (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Rowan lost 9kg (20 LBS) in total body weight across 10 months! He trained hard and consistently all year, as well as incorporating greater dietary discipline. Really not bad for a man who started out as self-proclaimed "chocoholic"... And don't worry: he still eats chocolate - just not as much! Rowan (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Vanessa (46)
Vanessa's lost 5kg (11 LBS) in overall body weight, despite gaining 1kg (2.2 LBS) of muscle! Her waist is now 6cm smaller and her hips are now 5cm smaller. Those results (and her smile) speak for themselves! Vanessa (46)
Andrei (57)
Andrei has lost 9kg (20 LBS) in the first 6 months after joining Bodystreet Milton Keynes. He wanted to get fitter and healthier despite his very busy professional schedule as a cameraman. Here's his feedback: "Awesome right from the start of the process. Studio Manager Idai & my personal trainer Phil took me through the initial procedures, assessing my personal goals & customizing a plan for me. Even opening the studio earlier than normal to accommodate my work schedule. For the first time ever, I look forward to "going to the gym" & since it's only 20 minutes per week it is both cost & time effective." Andrei (57)
Maria (41)
Maria had already lost 5kg (11 LBS) in body weight by the time she did her 1st body composition progress assessment, less than two months after taking up training at Bodystreet in 2019. Maria (41)
Tom (type II diabetes now in remission)
I just wanted to say that I had been coping with type II diabetes for years. On my birthday (Sept 2018) my wife gave me a subscription trial voucher and I started working out with Bodystreet. Ninety days into it, I went for my six month review and my blood glucose was at pre-diabetic levels (yaaayyyyyyy!!!). Thank you for providing me with the technology necessary in order for me to achieve total wellness. Tom (type II diabetes now in remission)
Ganiyat (40) has lost 2kg of fat in her first month
So....I don't usually do reviews but I have to on this one! I booked my trial session at Bodystreet MK Station and it was amazing! I'll summarise my review as follows: - you can turn up in you pyjamas & flipflops because they provide you with specialist clothes and socks! - you dont have to remember to bring a towel or water bottle! - there's only ever just you (plus one more person doing the PT session) - your session is personalised to you and your body type and goals - its 20 mins only! BUT.... - you do look like an incomplete 'robot-human' with all the gadgets strapped to your slightly damp body - you still have to put in work AND focus through the instructions (4 second rest in between reps!) - the vibrations can be intense but you can scream if you need to! - people might stare at you through the window but you stop noticing after about 2 mins! I highly recommend it and already looking forward to next week! Disclaimer: you STILL have to do your workouts consistently and eat right to get what you want! The sessions are only once a week but so worth it!! PS - no, I wasn't paid for this review! Ganiyat (40) has lost 2kg of fat in her first month
Yassir (Cardiologist & Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
As a practicing NHS medical doctor with a specialist interest in cardiology I cannot endorse the Bodystreet workout highly enough. It provides a great cardiorespiratory workout which can offer great benefits to the cardiovascular system and can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke - as well as lowering blood pressure. In addition, the workout cleverly offers electromechanical resistance to help build and tone the muscles. In my opinion Bodystreet provides the best solution for targeting hard-to-reach muscle groups, such as the core and upper back, which are critical to posture. I would strongly recommend giving it a go - particularly if time is an issue and 20 mins a week is all you can afford - or if you need a low impact activity to preserve your hip and knee joints. If you are already engaging in an exercise regime Bodystreet would also be an ideal complement. Yassir (Cardiologist & Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Nick (69)
We thought we'd share feedback from 69 year-old Nick, who joined Bodystreet to gain control of his blood sugar, after being told he had type 2 diabetes: "I can’t say enough about the benefits of Bodystreet training, not just for people with diabetes, but for everyone. For those living with Type 2 Diabetes Bodystreet training helps to build muscle mass, that is important for maintaining blood sugar. I use Bodystreet training as part of my regular exercise regime. As a result I have sustained steady and safe blood sugar levels over the last 12 months. Bodystreet training has also boosted my overall strength and muscle tone." Nick (69)
Cristina (38)
After a bit of a lull in her fitness goals in the summer Christina lost 4kg (9 LBS) in just 4 weeks, through aggressive lifestyle changes and consistent intense training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes. Amazingly, she didn't lose any muscle mass during this rapid weight reduction. It was all fat loss!!!! Cristina (38)
Ali (37)
Ali lost 4kg (9 LBS) in just 4 weeks between his summer and autumn body composition scans - taking his total weight loss past 8kg (18 LBS) since joining Bodystreet earlier in 2019. Ali (37)
Cristian (Squash Player & Coach)
Christian loves his results. He came to Bodystreet to (1) Sort his lower back pain and (2) Improve his body shape. In both cases: goals achieved! Well done Christian! Here's his feedback: "I have been suffering back pain for a long time and for an athlete (and a dad) it is not really a good thing to deal with. Working with the Bodystreet Milton Keynes team really helped me to focus my workout on my core, without putting my back under too much pressure and strain." Cristian (Squash Player & Coach)
Andra & Cosmin (Bodystreet Clients)
Married couple Andra & Cosmin each lost 5kg (11 LBS) in their first 2 months training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes! That's 10kg (22 LBS) less weight coming through their (and our!) front doors! Andra & Cosmin (Bodystreet Clients)
Tomas (57)
57 year old Tomas has seen incredible progress through 2019. In the first 6 months of the year he reduced his overall weight from 75kg to 71kg by losing ONLY FAT. In the second 6 months of 2019 he increased his muscle mass by 3.3kg WITHOUT GAINING ANY FAT. He now looks much leaner and shows considerably more muscle definition. Here's what he had to say: "It has been an amazing experience training with you guys for the past two years! Prior to joining Bodystreet I had several attempts on building muscle at various gyms over the years, but honestly, it was only when I joined Bodystreet in Milton Keynes that I for the first time noticed some real results. And fast as well! I noticed muscle growth already after two or three weeks into the program. And that without major changes in my diet and lifestyle. My initial motivation to join Bodystreet was to treat shoulder pain I had from working with a computer all day ('mouse arm'). After about 6 months that pain was gone, and I was building muscle without doing any other muscle exercises. 20 minutes once a week was enough. Bodystreet has really helped me to change my life and become more fitness conscious and gain results! The overall training experience was outstanding, every single time. The dedication and enthusiasm of the personal trainers are contagious! Excellent work from each one in the team. I would recommend you guys without the slightest hesitation!" Tomas (57)
Jo (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Jo lost 4.5kg (10 LBS) in her first 5 weeks at Bodystreet! Jo (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Jack (35)
Jack is a power-lifter who lost over 9kg (20 LBS) in overall body weight, across a period of 8 months. He has some ambitious health, fitness, sports & weight loss goals and he possesses the commitment & accountability necessary to hit those targets. At Bodystreet we believe in him and we can't wait to see what he will eventually achieve! Jack (35)
Katherine (55)
Great instructors & friendly environment! Give it a go! Katherine (55)
Abdi (17)
High-school student Abdi has lost 5.5kg (12 LBS) after joining Bodystreet. His journey is only just beginning! Abdi (17)
Laris (Dancer & Dance Instructor)
Dancer and dance instructor Laris lost 5kg (11 LBS) in his first 5 weeks training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes. Laris (Dancer & Dance Instructor)
Gavin (52)
Gavin lost 5kg (11 LBS) in fat, across just 4 weeks, through a combination of brutally hard training & low carb dieting. Better still, he maintained all his muscle mass despite such an aggressive weight reduction! Gavin (52)
Claire (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Something that you have to experience. Bodystreet has definitely made a difference to my lower back problems, with the added benefit of a very friendly environment & knowledgeable instructors. Claire (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Philip (56)
Philip was looking to lose weight and get more 'toned'. In his first 8 weeks at Bodystreet he lost over 4.5kg (10 LBS) and reduced his waistline by 8cm. Philip works all around the world and visits destinations as diverse as Hong Kong, LA & Berlin (sometimes all in a single week)! But he always makes time to drop into Bodystreet Milton Keynes once every week for his 20-minutes of full-body training. A year down the line he's still going strong, despite his jet-set lifestyle! Philip (56)
Andrew (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Andy has lost more than 4kg (9 LBS) since joining Bodystreet Milton Keynes. His original reason for taking up Bodystreet EMS training was actually to improve the back pain he was experiencing as a result of his very physical job and his training has helped him to achieve that original goal. So the weight loss, lower blood pressure and improved appearance were all just added bonuses! Andrew (Bodystreet Milton Keynes Client)
Stuart Blofeld (40) Ultra-Marathon Runner & Long Distance Cyclist
Signing up to Bodystreet MK has been the best fitness decision of my life. I'm 40 now and have had numerous gym memberships at various branded gyms in the past but always wasted my money and time. You have to be extremely self-motivated to regularly attend the gym, but lets face it life just gets in the way. Bodystreet is completely different. I literally bounce into each 20 minute weekly session looking forward to the workout. Working with your own personal trainer at Bodystreet makes a huge difference and is what really sets it apart for me from other gyms. Idai, Alistair and Phil at MK are all brilliant. Their passion, knowledge and experience as they guide you through the full 20 minute workout is first class. Making you feel comfortable and at ease with this new technology. I went into this with an open mind but really wasn't sure what to expect. Many gyms like to make bold claims about the results. Could one weekly 20 minute workout really be that beneficial? Hell yeah! The EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) kit at Bodystreet is the real deal and provides a proper full body workout that definitely puts you through your paces (in a good way!). I've been going for 2 months now and am already noticing the difference in how I feel, physically and mentally, better fitness and feeling leaner. At my first monthly body composition scan session the results showed I'd increased muscle and dropped 1kg of body fat. Result!! I can highly recommend Bodystreet MK. The guys there are great and will definitely look after you. Give it a go! Stuart Blofeld (40) Ultra-Marathon Runner & Long Distance Cyclist
Steven (45) Ultra-Marathon Cycling World Record Holder
At the end of 2018, I started training to ride some ultra distance cycle races in 2019. I joined a gym to do weights, Pilates and yoga to build strength and flexibility. The trouble is that my flexibility is so bad that I can't do important exercises without risk of injury, even though my flexibility has improved a lot. The theory behind EMS was explained and made sense, so I thought I'd give it a try, especially as I could, in theory, do the equivalent of a very hard weight session without the risk of injury or the need to be as flexible. There was the added benefits that it takes less time and is thought to be 2-3 times more effective than a weight session and that it can improve my flexibility. I wasn't sure after my 1st session. It felt odd that it didn't feel as hard or draining as a weight session at the gym, but it definitely did something and I had DOMS for a few days afterwards, but nowhere near as bad as after a weight session if I went hard. It definitely did "something" so I went back and tried it for a month. It did seem to work. I did feel stronger and my flexibility did improve a a faster rate than when I was just doing yoga and Pilates. Now I go once a week, my EMS session and long bike ride are my alpha training sessions for the week because they seem to give e the biggest gains. Then I add on yoga, Pilates, spin classes and other training sessions on top of that, provided that I won't compromise my long ride or EMS session. I cycle with a power meter, which measures my power output when I cycle and it has definitely improved since I started EMS and I do feel stronger. And that's all at the time of year when I'm not cycling much, so haven't done many of my long rides yet. Steven (45) Ultra-Marathon Cycling World Record Holder
Przemek (Professional Dancer & Dance Instructor)
Body Street Milton Keynes is definitely a place where you can achieve your goals, with a fantastic team that is always supportive and encouraging. It is a long term commitment but I have never regretted it. I've been attending my 20 minute sessions for over a year and I can see the results. It's a great addition to our busy lifestyles. It is easy, you just need to sign up !!! Lying down on the couch and reading these reviews won't help you to make a change, do it now! Good Luck!!! Przemek (Professional Dancer & Dance Instructor)
David (55)
I am 55 now and have been training at Bodystreet Milton Keynes for 6 months. I look and feel a lot fitter now. I love the studio team, they are really supportive. Each of the trainers has their own strengths and together they keep you motivated by making the training interesting. I would recommend Bodystreet Milton Keynes to anyone who wants to look after themselves. You don't have to be aiming at being an Olympic athlete - for me it is mainly about being strong and healthy. David (55)
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The Team from this studio

Idai Makaya Idai MakayaStudio Director & Franchisee
Phil Kempson Phil KempsonBodystreet Personal Trainer
Alistair Goodwin Alistair GoodwinBodystreet Personal Trainer

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