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There is still loads of potential for many more Bodystreet studios.

The same holds true for almost all small and medium-sized cities (catchment area of approx. 20,000)

There are many good reasons for becoming a Bodystreet partner:

  • Some people want to have their own business, others want a second source of income. For some, it is an interesting investment opportunity. Bodystreet offers excellent conditions for all of these objectives.

  • As a true "power player", Bodystreet has managed to set up over 300 locations in no time at all and has turned electric muscle stimulation (EMS) into the most important trend in the industry.

  • At present, Bodystreet is already providing over 160,000 training sessions per month.

  • But the system is still so new and exciting that there is still vast amounts of "uncharted territory" waiting to be conquered.

  • Bodystreet requires a significantly lower investment sum than other franchise systems. We offer full support in all areas (location search, technology, financing, organisation, marketing, sales, etc.), as well as on-going support after start-up.

To sum it all up, Bodystreet is the golden ticket for you to open up your own studio!


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